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Backed by the experience, we are offering a qualitative range of Tower Structures Installation Service . We are rendering these services in compliance with the set industry standards using highest quality installation tools with the help of progressive technology.

Monopoles Towers

Monopoles towers have been used in the power transmission field since the 1960’s. In recent years, monopoles towers have become popular for both electric transmission towers and for telecommunication structures.

Monopoles towers have become increasingly popular for use in the telecommunication industry. They are considered as the alternative solution for self-supporting towers consisting of a single pole that can stand independently against different environmental conditions without any support from guy wires where the ground conditions are otherwise unsuitable for tower installation. The advantages include architectural attractiveness, expansion possibility, light weight, a minimal use of land and durability against the windy conditions.

Lattice Tower / Self Supporting Towers

Fabrication, galvanization, erection and maintenance of self supporting tower. These towers are the principal structures which primarily intend to support communication equipment for telephone, radio and similar communication devices. Self supporting towers are designed with precision to ensure long lasting performance even in toughest of working conditions.

Types of Self Supporting Tower

These self supporting towers are mostly custom designed based on requirements for particular wind load, height, terrain, single or multi carrier and load bearing capacities as there are several variations in three and four legged tower designs itself. All the self supporting tower components (frames, different angles, safety ladders, platforms and mounts) are hot-dip galvanized for strength and durability.

  • Three or four leg models
  • Tubular legs making them less expensive
  • Angle braced
  • Knock down sections
  • Available in heights to meet your specifications

Guyed Masts Towers

knock down towers are exceptionally easy to modify for additional antenna loads, and are ideal when shipping is a concern or extra heavy loads are anticipated. All of VMV’s guyed towers are designed to your height specifications.

A guyed masts tower is a tall thin vertical structure that depends on guy lines for stability. The guyed masts tower itself has the compressive strength to support its own weight, but usually does not have the shear strength to stand unsupported, and requires guy lines, diagonal tensioned cables attached to the ground, usually spaced at equal angles about its base, to resist lateral forces such as wind loads and keep it upright. These structures are generally used as transmission towers for broadcasting & telecommunication purposes and to support different types of wire aerials for which the entire tower structure often is insulated against the ground.

Steel High Mast Lighting Pole

Our high masts offer ease of maintenance with a simple and effective winching system which allows the lighting ring to be lowered to ground level for lantern maintenance.

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