fosera, one of the leading off-grid German manufacturers offer unique, modular solar home system extensions.

PAYG Process

The PAYG system allows customers with low incomes to pay for the solar product on installments.

PAYG lighting solutions price start from $10-$100 per month for a period of one year through the Zaad mobile payment, on completion of all due payments, the product will be fully released to the client for full ownership.

The client takes home ready to use products by depositing first down payment, after that they must do their weekly/monthly payments to keep the product activated.

The client will receive reminding signal on the deviser to make sure they don’t forget, if they ignore the lights will automatically deactivated and in order to reactivate, the payment should be done immediately.

Our all Fosera PICO solar products meet the Lighting Global Quality Standards launch by World Bank’s Lighting Africa program.

Fosera Blue Line

fosera Lamps

fosera uses the latest, most efficient LED technology that can produce very bright light for a very long time. If the LED is used five hours a day it can last for more than 15 years.

fosera lamps are available in three sizes to provide 50 lm, 80 lm and 190 lm.

forsera FB Lamps

The fosera fb lamps are the little sister of the fosera ceiling lamps. fosera fb lamps are available in two sizes: 50 lm and 100 lm.

The fb lamp can be combined with any other product like the PSHS, Scandle.

fosera Blue Line PSHS

The Pico Solar Home System (PSHS) is an autonomous and mobile energy system that can be used for rural electrification.

Efficient appliances can be connected to the system including table lamps, fans, radios, and phone chargers.

fosera Radio

The fosera solar radio is ultra efficient combine with high quality components. Products from fosera have a unique, modular design principle.

The radio can be used with the fosera PSHS, LSHS, SCANDLE.

fosera Blue Line Scandle

The fosera SCANDLE system has been carefully developed according to German engineering standards. The SCANDLE was designed to meet one’s everyday needs and can be used for several years.

To ensure maximum power output and reliability, the SCANDLE uses powerful rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries.

fosera Blue Line Mobile One

The fosera Mobile One has been carefully developed according to German engineering standards. It is a LiFePO4-based flashlight with an integrated solar home system.

More than just a light, it can also power an additional FOSERA lamp or radio, and charge a mobile phone.

Fosera Power Line

fosera POWER LINE lamp

fosera POWER LINE lamps are high illuminating ceiling lamps, designed to make our customers homes more comfortable.

fosera’s POWER LINE lamps are designed to match with our 12V LSHS system and are available in two versions, each providing different levels of luminosity.

fosera POWER LINE fb lamps

fosera’s POWER LINE fb lamps are the smaller version of the fosera ceiling lamps. It allows a flexible lighting service due to its versatility as desk light or as a fixed wall or ceiling light.

The fb lamp can be combined with any other product like the PSHS, Scandle.

fosera Power Line LSHS

The fosera Li-ion Solar Home System (LSHS) is a powerful 12 V system that can meet high demands for energy.

LSHS can be used with a wide range of 12 V loads, from the fosera TV and small computers to projectors as well as phone chargers, fans and lamps.

fosera Ceiling Fan

fosera ceiling fan, a pleasant indoor climate can be achieved and the living quality significantly improved. The ceiling fan has a very low energy consumption and can be implemented at moderate costs.

The fosera ceiling fan is powered by the fosera LSHS 13V system.

fosera Power Line Tubelight

Most efficient LED technology that can produce very bright light for a very long time. The new tube design combined with a diffusion technology illuminates rooms uniformly, ideally for bars, shops and all kind of workplaces, which require bright illumination.

fosera DVB-S2 Receiver

To enjoy full entertainment, fosera proudly presents its Satellite Receiver DVB-S2. In order to successfully operate the DVB-S2, it needs to be connected to a Satellite.

fosera DC TV 15.6” 12 V

The award-winning 12V DC TV. fosera’s TV consumes only 5.5 W and offers a number of inputs for modern entertainment.

With highest energy-efficiency it is designed to work with our POWER LINE LSHS ready for TV kits and all other 12V solar systems.

We are authorized partner of fosera. Fosera delivers the best products with high quality components. With German know-how the technology used is efficient and effective. fosera guarantees very high quality standards.

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