Who we are

Since 2013, we have been expended from Dubai to Somalia and Somaliland in the solar energy market. We’re pretty young as solar company but our team consist of western and western educated engineer’s with over 25 years of experience in the engineering and telecommunication industry.

SolarLandAfrica is full-service solar provider. We make clean energy available to homeowners, businesses, farmers and industries at very affordable price. Our approach is to install solar systems to the highest engineering standards.

What we do

We believe that businesses can offer the best solutions to lack of access to energy – one of the most pervasively debilitating aspects of poverty that holds back sub-Saharan Africa’s development.

For businesses to grow and markets to expand, certain resources need to be in place, and in much of the developing world they are hard to come by: technology, skills, delivery networks and capital.

Our activities are designed to help businesses overcome these gaps, and so to flourish, build markets and expand energy access in the form of energy-efficient, solar lighting and home systems, Industrial and agriculture.”

Solar powered systems are very cost effective with 2-5 years of payback periods for both commercial and residential customers in both urban and rural areas.

Our impact

We are one of the very few organisations that support micro-enterprises in the energy sector. We work with hundreds of these businesses, home owner and farmers, helping them to grow and linking them to finance access.

We also help them to hone their business skills and develop their market awareness and customer care practices, as well as provide technology support and promote their knowledge. We train young people to connect working class world knowledge.

Micro-enterprises have a significant role to play in expanding energy access. They can be a source of jobs and income growth in rural areas, where it is difficult to create income outside the agriculture sector.

Not only do they create jobs themselves but they also offer products and services that can help other businesses grow.