Fronius strive to offer holistic solutions for a wide range of customer requirements.

The Fronius – Victron Energy microgrid solutions.

The Fronius inverters with Victron Energy Quattro or Multiplus provides the MicroGrid with as much PV energy as possible.

For larger solar systems that generally supply to AC consumers, it is more efficient to immediately invert the solar power into AC. Therefore we call these systems “AC systems”. AC systems have a higher energy efficiency in comparison to DC systems. The PV inverter directly converts the solar energy into AC. This inverter requires ‘grid’, which is provided for by a MultiPlus or Quattro. All excess solar power which isn’t used by the AC consumers is used to charge the batteries.

Fronius Galvo

The future-proof inverter for small self-consumption system.

Fronius Symo -8.2kW

The compact three-phase inverter for maxumum flexibility.

Fronius Symo -20kW

The inverter for maximum flexibility for the applications of tomorrow.

Fronius Symo Hybrid

The personal store solution for hours of sun.

The Fronius MicroGrid Solution

1. PV generator

The sun’s energy is absorbed by the solar modules in the form of direct current.

2. Fronius inverter

The inverter converts the direct current into the alternating current used as standard in the home and supplies the MicroGrid with as much PV energy as possible.

3. Inverter chargers

The current produced in the inverter can be saved in the battery using the inverter chargers.

4. Battery

The surplus PV energy is stored in a battery.

5. Consumers (loads)

The consumers are supplied with predominantly solar energy via the MicroGrid system.

6. Backup generator

Diesel generators can also be integrated as a backup energy supply.

Victron Color Control Display

Victron Color Control Display and the Fronius Datamanager are in the same network. Once operational, the live values are shown directly on the display.

Not only can PV system owners monitor their system through the Victron Monitoring Portal, which shows the live values, but also through the Fronius Solar.web online portal, which provides a comprehensive range of display and analysis functions for PV system data. Furthermore, protection settings can be configured without restriction in the MicroGrid setup.

Whether the same settings for the MicroGrid are also applicable for systems which are sometimes connected to the grid, depends on local connection regulations.

High-quality products and exceptional services are what make the Fronius Solar Energy Division the quality leader in the global market and a model of sustainability.

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