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Our Projects

SolarLandAfrica has worked with homeowners, businesses, farmers and industries to deliver consented solar projects throughout the Africa. We take on projects at all stages of development and provide support until they are commissioned and thereafter.

Please find below a handful of these projects.

Camel Farm 1.200w Project

Camel Farm in Southern Hargeisa 15 km from Hargeisa airport it is one of our livestock places we installed solar system.

Arabsio 5kW Off Grid Project

Off-grid here is one of the Off-grid system we build Western Arabsio the family is 100% self-standing, they are using solar back-up systems and the enjoining free and sustainable and reliable electric.

Hargeisa 8kW Grid Connect Project

Hargeisa 8kw are one of our solar back-up system we done and they are connected to local electric provider in case of long cloudy days but they are 100% self-standing.

Berbera Sea Port Authority & DP World Project

The Berbera Port owned and operated by the Republic of Somaliland; it is the largest employer, generating more than 2000 jobs and is the economic engine of the country.

Berbera Harbor, lighting was done in 1968, and extended in 1984 since then it hasn’t been renovated until now when we took this project. We’re renovating all the port lighting and cabling. From lighting the towers to loading area and main gates, it is an ongoing major project. The Berbera Port project is one of our major project and we feel proud to have Berbera port as our client.

Arabsio 7 kW Solar Water Pump

7kw / 105m borehole Solar water pump in Arabsio is one of our medium size system.

Solar System Benefits

Monthly Savings

Monthly Savings Save up to 100% of your electricity bill

Upfront Installation Costs

Home/Business owner pays upfront the cost but will leverage in 2-5 year of payback periods

Property Value Increases

Your Home/Business, the property value increases.

Upgrade & Customization

Home/Business owner can fully customize and upgrade solar PV system at any time

Pay As You Go Projects

SolarLandAfrica is first and the only company providing PAYG solar system to the rural low-income people, since we started May 2016 our PAYG system we installed over 350 Somali huts solar lighting and DC TV set.